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Loan Tenure

About Business Loan

Businesses require huge amounts of funds for starting up or upgradation. Business loans are acquired by companies to manage these expenses.

A business loan is paid in the form of debt and the company will es have to pay it back in the form of a number of installments over a defined tenure with certain terms and conditions. The purposes of applying for a Business Loan can involve goals like starting up a new firm expansion of your existing business, financing of vendors and dealers, etc.

Business Loans are highly recommended because no security or collateral charges are demanded by the loan providers and the pre-payment charges are also minimal.

In case the business owner fails to pay back a business loan the whole company will be liquidated rather than putting the sole burden on the owner.

Prominent Business Loan Features

No Collateral Loan

Business Loans do nor require any collateral charges or security like provision of an asset like a car, house, property, etc.

Flexible Payment Tenures

Business Loans offer clients with a preferable choice over other loan types due to the fact that payment tenure in this case is flexible and can extend up to 5 years.

Ideal Loan Amounts

The loan amount can range up to your desier and meet all the desired expenses of the Business Loan seeker. The amount also varies according to the credibility of the business owner.

Swift Processing with Minimal Paperwork

The loan processing time is seamless and fast and minimal paperwork is involved in order to make sure that our esteemed customers get the best Business Loan services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business Loans can be availed for setting up or upgradation of small to large business. IT can help you start a new business, expand an existing business, buy machinery or capital goods, expand business operations, pay vendors or providers for heavy equipment’s, etc.

Business Loan types in Kenya include Loans for small scale businesses, medium scale businesses, large scale businesses, and startups.

Yes, offers are available for women entrepreneurs so that they can avail these offers and utilize their skills for a better future of the country.

The tenure for reimbursements of business loans can vary for one year to five years.

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