Business Loans can be availed for setting up or upgradation of small to large business. IT can help you start a new business, expand an existing business, buy machinery or capital goods, expand business operations, pay vendors or providers for heavy equipment’s, etc.

Business Loan types in Kenya include Loans for small scale businesses, medium scale businesses, large scale businesses, and startups.

Yes, offers are available for women entrepreneurs so that they can avail these offers and utilize their skills for a better future of the country.

The tenure for reimbursements of business loans can vary for one year to five years.

Make sure that the decided amount to be paid as monthly installments is easily payable. Elongating your tenure just to pay lesser monthly installments amount is not advisable.

These terms are usually finalized by the banks and its equal to four times your salary. The amount of loan you apply for must be the minimum amount you need as the interest rate is directly proportional to the amount of interest applied for.

The shortest possible loan tenure must be preferred as the longer it is the more interest is built up.

Special bank loans are offered for scenarios such as home renovation, business setup, etc. In those cases, the bank knows exactly why you need money and hence offer less interest rate on those.