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Loan Tenure

Important Factors to consider while choosing Home Loans

Fixed Rates

Fixed Rate Loans require you to submit a fixed amount of interest rate during each installment during the chosen tenure. The tenure of loan is chosen by our valued customers and monthly installments are paid during this time period.

The stable interest rates help you lay out a road map for you finances. However, during the fixed rate loan tenure the Home Loan package can be converted to floating rate. That is why most home buyers prefer refinancing to a fixed loan.

Variable Rates

The common types of floating or variable loan rates in Kenya. These include Board Rates, SIBOR-pegged Floating Rates and fixed Deposit.

These rates can go up or down anytime depending upon the updated company policies or other financial factors.

How to Apply for a Home Loan?

Compare the Best Available Home Loan Packages

We help you compare the best Home Loan Packages available in all banks across Kenya. The comparisons help you choose the best possible option and make you dream home a reality.

Contact a Mortgage Specialist

Our highly skill mortgage specialties are available for help throughout the day. They will contact you and carry out a through discussion about possible home loans options and related factors.

Home Loan Application

After through and detailed consideration apply instantly through our simple and convenient online portal and successfully get loan for your dream home.

Why Choose eChapaa for your Home Loan?

We offer fast, simple and convenient services

Our team of highly skilled professionals break down the home loan research procedure and deliver to you simplified and convenient results. We save your time and offer you with the best options for your dream home loan.

We compare and assist you in getting the best deals

Our comparison feature extracts results from all the banks throughout Kenya and displays prominent features so that you can make a decision and choose the best deals.

Echapaa Is free

Our offer free services for our valuable clients and we ensure that no biased advice is delivered to you. However, the banks pay us a standard referral fee for our outstanding services.

We work with all major mortgage providers

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